About us

Who we are

We are the leading innovation community for cybersecurity in Germany. We connect players from enterprises, corporations, SMBs, the scientific and the startup communities to create awareness with influencers, investors and stakeholders.

Darmstadt has a long tradition both in security and in successful foundations, creating a halo effect both nationally and internationally. Our community benefits from a vibrant security ecosystem in a density that is unique in Europe. This is why the Digital Hub Cybersecurity is located here.

As Digital Hub Cybersecurity, we support security startups in Germany to commercialize, scale and internationalize their solutions and businesses.

Our start-in innovation program helps midsized companies and corporations to get ready for the digital future.

The Digital Initiative and its hubs

We are part of the Federal Government’s Digital Hub Initiative. Together with our twin hub Frankfurt, which focuses on FinTech, we are one of 12 digital hubs in Germany.


Through different areas of expertise and focus, the 12 digital hubs support the core sectors of the German economy. They strengthen Germany’s digital footprint, facilitate and create a strong national and international network and help to establish it as first choice for foreign investors.

Hub People

Ute Richter

Ute is the managing director of Digital Hub Cybersecurity. Communications and marketing expert for technology startups, SMBs and blue chips. Strategic positioning, messaging, international campaigns, setting up businesses. MBA for Coaching and organizational development.

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Oliver Küch

Oliver Küch heads the PR and Marketing department at Fraunhofer SIT. Research manager, mentor at Digital Hub Cybersecurity. Trainer and part of the Fraunhofer Venture and Marketing Community. Supports teams in developing market ready innovations and accelerating their businesses. Journalist and reporter, expert for customer journey as well as cybersecurity and online marketing.

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Our Supporters

The Digital Hub Cybersecurity’s local supporters are Fraunhofer SIT, ATHENE and Technische Universität Darmstadt. In our steering committee, they are represented by:

Prof. Dr. Michael Waidner
Director of Fraunhofer SIT, Professor (Chair) for Computer Science at TU Darmstadt and CEO of ATHENE

Prof. Dr. Peter Buxmann
Professor (Chair) for Information Systems | Software & Digital Business
Technische Universitaet Darmstadt