Are you looking for investors to kick-start your idea or your startup? Are you interested to invest? Is your organization looking for companies to collaborate with to create or implement innovative cybersecurity solutions? Are you seeking the best fit in science? Tap into our matchmaking.

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Cybersecurity Entrepreneurship Networking

Workshops, events like our hub nights, trade shows and conferences such as the Web Summit in Lisbon or Noah in Berlin, the UP18@it-sa-matchup, pitch nights or investor meetups such as the Digital Hub Initiative’s Pitch Nights – we connect security community face-to-face.

Our elevator pitches: Why join our community?


You represent the core of our innovative community. We want you to be successful. That is why we connect you with our network to find the best fits, e.g. with experienced business partners, scientists, investors or decision makers in the public sector.

Midsized companies and their digitalization teams

The expertise and track record to innovate cybersecurity coupled with the knowledge and network of our 12 sister hubs. We connect you with reliable partners to create new digital cybersecurity solutions.

Corporations and their digitalization teams

Develop and implement cybersecurity solutions tailored to your specific needs jointly with experts. Connect with our specialized and creative innovation community.


Acting as point of contact and clearing house to identify innovative security startups, projects and potential unicorns. We provide excellent opportunities to invest in exciting projects and companies.


Are you looking for cybersecurity experts for your project? Are you a cybersecurity talent willing to leave you comfort zone and go the extra mile? We connect talents with relevant players in business and science to work on innovative projects.